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Question 37.
Where can reliable information about water fluoridation be found on the Internet and World Wide Web?

ADA's Fluoridation Facts Short Answer
The American Dental Association, as well as other reputable health and science organizations, and government agencies have sites on the Internet that provide information on fluorides and fluoridation. These sites provide information that is consistent with generally accepted scientific knowledge.

ADA's Fluoridation Facts Long Answer
The World Wide Web is evolving as an accessible source of information. However, not all "science" posted on the Web is based on scientific fact. Searching the Internet for "fluoride" or "water fluoridation" directs individuals to a number of websites. Some of the content found in the sites is scientifically sound. Other less scientific sites may look highly technical, but contain information based on science that is unconfirmed or has not gained widespread acceptance. Commercial interests, such as the sale of water filters, may also be promoted.

One of the most widely respected sources for information regarding fluoridation and fluorides is the American Dental Association's (ADA) home page at From the ADA website individuals can make contact with other websites for more information about fluoride.

Repeat of Question 37.
Where can reliable information about water fluoridation be found on the Internet and World Wide Web?

Opposition's Response

The Optimal Wellness Center is a reference point for guiding healthcare professionals and consumers through the information resources of the Internet. Fluoride Action Network (Excellent Resource, Very Up-to-Date)

Fluorides and Fluoridation, Leading-Edge Research Group, by Val Verlerian (Many scanned documents; probably the biggest site.)

Fluoride Facts

Fluoride Controversy, the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients

Citizens for Safe Drinking Water (Mountain View, California)

Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb

More Scientific Facts on Fluoride

Fluoride Issues

Fluoride Research Journal

Elkie Babiuk Site

Fluroide Impairing Thyroid Health

Preventive Dental Health Site

The Fluoride Stop, by Andreas Schuld
(Andreas is especially expert about fluoride/thyroid effects)

Stop Fluoridation U.S.A., by Darlene Sherrill (Diverse information)

Scholarly Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research

Fluoride Issues - Dan Montgomery (includes current news)

"America Overdosed on Fluoride", by Lynn Landes
(includes e-mail correspondence in which an ADA spokesperson refutes news reports that non-fluoridated bottled water causes cavities, and what you can do to ban fluoride and educate others.)

Ellie Rudolph's Site
(Find out if your Pennsylvania town or city water is fluoridated.)

The Toxic Effects of Fluoride
(Be aware that they are selling a fluoride removal system.)

Fluoridation Debate
(Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume 105, Number 11, November 1997)

Fluoridation: The Overdosing of America — Fact or Fiction?
(Slides by Gerald H. Smith, D.D.S.)

Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water

Darryl W. Roundy, D.C. — Fluoride Research

Fluoride: Commie Plot or Capitalist Ploy, by Joel Griffiths, investigative reporter

Fluoride: Wide Range of Serious Health Problems, by Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson

Fluoridated Toothpastes must now be labeled "POISON," by Charlotte Gerson

Fluoride: Public Health Goal

Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides

Fluoridation — Fluoride — Toxic Chemicals In Your Water

Gary Null's Site

Does water fluoridation have negative side effects?

Fluoride's Effect on Your Brain

The Fluoride

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