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Question 11.
Can the consistent use of bottled water result in individuals missing the benefits of optimally fluoridated water?

ADA's Fluoridation Facts Short Answer
Yes. The majority of bottled waters on the market do not contain optimal levels (0.7-1.2 ppm) of fluoride.

ADA's Fluoridation Facts Long Answer
Individuals who drink bottled water as their primary source of water could be missing the decay preventive effects of optimally fluoridated water available from their community water supply. Therefore, consumers should seek advice from their dentist about specific fluoride needs.

The fluoride content of bottled water can vary greatly. A 1989 study of pediatric dental patients and their use of bottled water found the fluoride content of bottled water from nine different sources varied from 0.04 ppm to 1.4 ppm.87 In a 1991 study of 39 bottled water samples, 34 had fluoride levels below 0.3 ppm. Over the two years the study was conducted, six products showed a two- to four-fold drop in fluoride content.88

In evaluating how bottled water consumption affects fluoride exposure, there are several factors to consider. First is the amount of bottled water consumed during the day. Second is whether bottled water is used for drinking, in meal preparation and for reconstituting soups, juices and other drinks. Third is whether another source of drinking water is accessed during the day such as an optimally fluoridated community water supply at daycare, school or work.

A final important issue is determining the fluoride content of the bottled water. If the fluoride level is not shown on the label of the bottled water, the company can be contacted, or the water can be tested to obtain this information. The fluoride level should be tested periodically if the source of the bottled water changes and, at a minimum, on a yearly basis.87

Information regarding the existing level of fluoride in a community's public water supply can be obtained by asking a local dentist, contacting the local or state health department, or contacting the local water supplier.

Repeat of Question 11.
Can the consistent use of bottled water result in individuals missing the benefits of optimally fluoridated water?

Opposition's Response

What they will miss is the damaging effects of fluoride, providing they order the unfluoridated water and make sure it is very low in natural fluoride. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists order unfluoridated bottled water for use in their offices. (See 1-6: "WHY EPA'S HEADQUARTERS UNION OF SCIENTISTS OPPOSES FLUORIDATION," EPA document, May 1, 1999).

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